Elizabeth : Another Quiet Life

The next sibling, Elizabeth was probably the last of the children of Joseph and Mary that could be said to have led a ‘quiet life’ and perhaps one of the few that we know little about because of it.   This doesn’t say much though as she was only their 4th child.

She married on 23 January 1858 at Holy Trinity in Hull to a widower, John Topham.  Six years her senior he came from Sancton in Yorkshire although seems to have lived some of his early years in Lincolnshire.  He worked as a Foundry Labourer.

John and Elizabeth stayed and settled in Hull.  Their first born son, Joseph died in 1860 at the age of 1 but he was followed by Mary Jane (1861), Edwin Charles (1864 – 1932) and youngest daughter Amelia (1866 – 1941).  The living children all married, although Mary Jane was widowed at a very young age, Edwin and his wife Mary had 8 children and Amelia and her husband William Henry Land had 10.

John died on 18th May 1885 and Elizabeth never remarried, dying in 1907.


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