A Family of Contradictions

One of the most interesting parts I have found tracing my own family tree is the differing fortunes that befall brothers and sisters.  Coming from the same humble beginnings, one branch of my family has fascinated me the most.  Hearing stories of them – my great great grandmother, parents and siblings – only served to want to make me dig deeper and I hope to give you an idea in this series of the vast gulf that formed between the children of a Cabinet Maker from Norwich, Norfolk and his wife and what took their descendants all over the world.

I dedicate this post to the memory of Joseph Scotter (1800 – 1879) and his wife Mary Ann (nee Lilley) (1802 – 1875) and their children, as without whom I would not be writing this blog.photo-34Mary Ann (nee Lilley) (1802 – 1875)



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