The Reason The Family left for Hull?

Joseph Scotter Jnr (born 24 May 1822) was perhaps one of the least controversial siblings. It was him that made the move north first and it may well be that his father back down in Norfolk felt that he could escape the past of Debtor’s Prison and Bankruptcy once and for all.

Joseph Jnr had married Sarah Harvey in Hull in 1843 and, apart from a short stint in London in 1845/46, Joseph settled in Yorkshire being well established by the time the 1851 census was taken.

Joseph and Sarah’s first child, a son Joseph Thomas was born in Hull in January 1845 and baptised at West Street Chapel (Primitive Methodist). That summer however it would seem the family decided to take themselves to London.   Again it may have been an economic decision but they quickly realised that it was perhaps not the place for them.   In September 1845 their young son Joseph Thomas died whilst they were living in Holland Park, aged about 9 months.  He was buried at St Mary Abbot’s in Kensington.

Sarah was by now expecting their second child, a daughter Lydia Harriett who was born on 22 March 1846 after which the family returned to Hull.  She was joined by Thomas Joseph (1848 – 1906), William Henry (1851 – 1930), Robert (1853 – 1854), Mary Ann (1854 – 1885) and Elsey Elizabeth (1856 – 1937).

The family lived a fairly quiet life – certainly in comparison to some of the other siblings – until Joseph Jnr died aged 41, in October 1863.

Sarah was now widowed with several young children and did not remarry.  She died in 1880.

Perhaps the only ‘scandal’ to touch Joseph Jnr’s family was the illegitimate birth of a grandson Arthur Seymour Moody on 6 June 1891, his mother (Joseph’s daughter Elsey Elizabeth) naming her husband – who had been dead for three years – as his father on Arthur’s birth certificate!





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